Articles (18)

Automatic Replies (Out of Office)

How to set Automatic Replies on a mailbox

Booking a Meeting Room in Outlook

A brief summary of Outlook Room Booking Calendars, how to view and use them

Exchange Online - IMAP & SMTP connections

Exchange Online mailbox connection information for clients that only support IMAP/SMTP

Forwarding mail externally

Instructions for enabling automatic mail forwarding on an Exchange Online mailbox

Inbox Rules in Outlook

Links to Inbox Rule documentation from Microsoft

Mail Merge using a Shared Mailbox

Instructions for creating a secondary Outlook profile connected only to a Shared Mailbox, to allow use with Mail Merge

Mailbox migration to Exchange Online

A list of essential and useful tips for anyone having their mailbox migrated to Exchange Online

Outlook - Viewing Older Mail

Options for viewing more than 3 months worth of messages in desktop Outlook

Report a Message in Outlook

Report a Message Add-in information

Shared Mailbox Access

Instructions on accessing a Shared Mailbox from various platforms


How to configure Thunderbird to access UNBC mailbox in Exchange Online, using OAuth2 authentication

Turn off Focused Inbox

How to turn Focused Inbox on/off. This is a new feature applied to mailboxes in Exchange Online.

Quarantined Email

An explanation of Quarantined Email, and how to find and deal with it