Service Catalog

Categories (17)

Accounts & Access

Authentication and access to academic and administrative systems.

Audio Visual & Classroom Support

Classroom & Lab Computers, Instructor Podiums, AV Support & Equipment Loans...

Desktop, Devices & Printing

Office Computers, Printers, and Software

Research Suppport

Privacy Impact Assessments must be completed for any proposed enactment, system, software, project, program, or activity and is a legislative requirement under FOIPPA. Please see or contact if you have any questions.
All software requests are reviewed for IT Security, Privacy and Compliance.

Teaching & Learning, GIS, CPSC, HPC, Engineering

Service tickets within each Category will be allocated to the appropriate department support.

Software Requests

Request installation or assistance in purchasing new software for teaching or administrative use. Please see additional information on software in our Knowledge Base for further information:

Equipment Purchase

Equipment Purchase

Email & Calendar

Support for UNBC's environment for e-mail and calendar.

Enterprise Systems

Systems and resources that support business and administrative functions.

Network & Wireless

Connectivity for academic, professional staff and students through wired and wireless connections.

File Sharing & Collaboration

Resources supporting collaboration, including local shared file access and OneDrive,,,

Desktop Phone, Mobile Phones & Voice Services

Desktop Telephones (moves, adds, or changes), Mobile Phones, Voicemail, Phone Book entries

Web Services

All requests for changes to can be submitted here

IT Security

This category covers security related items such as encryption, or malware protection, Phishing, Gift Card Purchases.

General Help

Looked through everything and don't see what you need? Enter a general help ticket here.

Library Services

Request service or support for UNBC Library related services

Project Request

The project request process supports the University to identify, plan, and execute projects that align with UNBC's Strategic Plan.