Booking a Meeting Room in Outlook

Booking a Meeting Room via Outlook Meeting Request

Some UNBC meeting rooms have been added to the Outlook Address Book, and can be set as the Location of a meeting invitation. The room itself will automatically accept (or reject) your meeting invitation based on the room's booking configuration, and you can view the room's calendar to see the times that the room is booked or available.

Please note that the instructions below are for desktop Outlook 365 on Windows. The process may look/work differently if you are using a different version of Outlook, a different Operating System (eg macOS), or if you are using Outlook on the Web.

Adding a Meeting Room to Outlook

If there is a meeting room that you would like to have available to be booked in Outlook, please submit an IT Support request, and we will gladly create a Room Booking Calendar.

Viewing a Room Booking Calendar

To view the Room Booking Calendars:

  1. Go to the Calendar view in Outlook
  2. Select Open Calendar > From Room List in the ribbon
  3. In the window that pops up, you can see a list of all existing Room Booking Calendars
  4. Select one or more calendars, then click the Rooms button, then OK.
  5. The selected Room Booking Calendar(s) will appear in the Rooms group on the left-side listing of calendars

Booking a Room

  1. Start a New Meeting request as usual, in your own personal calendar (Calendar view in Outlook > New Meeting button in ribbon)
  2. In the Meeting request window, select the Location button (below the Start and End time)
  3. In the pop-up window, select your desired Room from the list, select the Rooms button, then OK
  4. The selected Room will be added to the Location field, as well as to the Required field
  5. Complete the meeting request as per usual (add a meeting Title, Required/Optional attendees, Start and End time, and ideally a meeting agenda in the main body of the invitation)
  6. Send the meeting invitation
  7. Soon after, you should receive a meeting acceptance email from the Room (or possibly a meeting declined email)
    • The room will decline your meeting if you are not on the list of people allowed to book the room, or if your meeting violates the rooom booking configuration (meeting room is already booked, your meeting is too long, too far in the future, etc)
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