Shared Mailbox - Send From

Here are the steps to perform in Microsoft Outlook, to add a Shared Mailbox email address to your From field:

  1. Select the New Email button to start composing a new message
    • If necessary, select the Pop Out button in the upper right, to get the new email in its own separate window
  2. Select the Options tab in the top ribbon
  3. Select the From button, to show the From field
  4. Select the From dropdown, next to the Send button
  5. Select Other Email Address... at the bottom of the dropdown
  6. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)In the Send From Other Email Address pop-up, select the From... button
  7. Search the Address Book for the Shared Mailbox address you wish to send From
    • If the Address does not appear in the Address Book, you cannot send messages From that address
  8. Select the address, and click OK
  9. Click OK on the Send From Other Email Address pop-up
  10. The address you wish to send from should now be in the From box in the email composition window. From now on, the From drop-down will be visible, and you can choose which address to send From for each message.
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