Automatic Replies (Out of Office)

Here are instructions for adding Automatic Replies to a mailbox, either your own or a Shared Mailbox, either via Outlook on the Web or via desktop Outlook

Outlook on the Web

  1. Open the Mailbox via Outlook on the Web:
    • For help opening a Shared Mailbox, see instructions in KB article linked below
  2. Select the cogwheel to open the Settings flyout menu
  3. Search for 'Automatic replies', and select Automatic replies in the search results
  4. From this screen you can turn automatic replies on/of, set dates, and add the message text

Desktop Outlook

  1. Select the File option
  2. If this is for a Shared Mailbox, select the Shared Mailbox in the dropdown under Account Information
    • If the Shared Mailbox isn't in the dropdown, it needs to be added manually to your Outlook. See instructions in KB article linked below
  3. Select the Automatic Replies button
  4. In this Automatic Replies popup, you can enable and configure the Automatic Reply

Shared Mailbox

To set up Automatic Replies (Out of Office) on a Shared Mailbox, you must either Add the Mailbox manually to desktop Outlook, or Open Another Mailbox in Outlook on the Web.

For instructions on how to do that, please see the Shared Mailbox Access KB article:

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