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Microsoft 365 Defender - Email Threat Management

Suspected Spam, Phishing and Malware Email is now being filtered to a Quarantine area by Exchange Online Protection. This allows you to safely view the email and decide whether it is legitimate mail that should be delivered to your Inbox, or unwanted mail that should be purged.

To check your Quarantined email, you can:

Please note that the Quarantine page, when loaded directly, will only show personal Quarantined messages. If you suspect that a message sent to a Shared Mailbox has been Quarantined, you will need to wait until that shared mailbox receives the Quarantine notification email from Microsoft.

If you receive an email from quarantine@messaging.microsoft.com or support@unbc.ca with the subject "Microsoft 365 Security: You have messages in quarantine", it means Microsoft has detected one or more potentially malicious emails that may require your attention:

To review a Quarantined email, click on the Review Message button in the email:

Login to the Microsoft 365 Defender portal Quarantine area. From here you can decide if an email is safe and can be Released to your Inbox, or if it should be Removed from Quarantine (deleted).


Legitimate Mail (incorrectly Quarantined)

To release a message, select the message then click the Release message button. This will deliver the message to your Inbox.

Some message cannot be directly released; instead, you must select the Request Release option. This will send a notification to an IT Security Analyst, who will review the message and decide whether or not it should be released.

You can optionally report the message to Microsoft for analysis. This is recommended. Microsoft will re-scan the message, and potentially adjust its filters to prevent similar messages from being Quarantined in the future.


Release is complete

Unwanted Email

If you see a message in your Quarantine folder that is definitely unwanted, go ahead and click Remove from quarantine. This will delete the message.

Uncertain Email

If you are not sure whether a message is legitimate, you can select View message header to view additional details (eg. does the name of the sending server match the purported From address?)

If you need assistance reviewing a message, please contact the Service Desk or create ticket using this service: https://unbc.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/87/Portal/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=1152

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