MS Security & Compliance - Quarantined Email and how to find it

Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance - Threat Management

SPAM and Malware Email is now being filtered to a Quarantine area by Exchange Online Protection. This allows you to safely view the email and decide whether it is legitimate mail that should be delivered to your Inbox, or unwanted mail that should be purged.

If you receive an email from, it means you have one or more emails flagged as SPAM or Malware which need your attention:


To review the SPAM/Malware email(s) click on the "Review" button in the email:

Alternately you can load the Quarantine page directly at

Login to the Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance portal Quarantine area. From here you can decide if an email is safe and can be Released to your Inbox, or if it should be Removed from Quarantine (deleted).



To release a message, select the message then click the "Release message" button. This will deliver the message to your Inbox.


Release Messages quarantined by mistake:


Release is complete




Suspicious Email Steps:

If you see a message in your Quarantine folder that appears suspicious and you would like to report it, capturing the message header is the best way for IT to investigate the message and take steps to prevent further malicious messages.


Copy the message header, review and decide if release is needed or to remove it from quarantine. If you need assistance please contact the Service Desk or create ticket using this service: