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Booking an appointment with the IT Service Desk

Need to visit the IT Service Desk? Please use this KB to book an appointment.

Microsoft Office/365

Information on Microsoft 365 and all related services/applications: Office(Outlook/Excel/Word/PowerPoint), Teams, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, etc

Survey Monkey at UNBC

Survey Monkey account request process for UNBC account holders

FAST Reporting

Need access to FAST Reporting applications?

Please see the FAST Landing page for contact information on each application and who to contact for access. ITS does not add permissions in FAST. Each app is supported by the functional unit responsible.

Client Portal User Guides

Guides on using the UNBC Support Client Portal to submit tickets, view Knowledge Base articles, and more.

Network & WIFI

Wall port connections
WIFI Connections

Accounts & Access

Information on your UNBC account

Phones & VoiceMail

Desk Phone, Soft Phone, Voice Mail, Fax, Long Distance

Audio Visual & Classroom Support

Classroom & Lab Computers, Instructor Podiums, AV Support & Equipment Loans, and VC Room Locations

Articles (3)

Browsers and Browser Extensions

Using browsers with extension securely with UNBC web based applications.

Creating a browser profile

How to create a browser profile in different browsers so that work and personal activities can be separated.