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Standard specs and pricing is in our Knowledge Base. Web requisitions can be created using the current models without getting a quote from ITS prior to ordering.

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Request a new Team, report issues or submit service request for Microsoft Teams.

Privacy Impact Assessments must be completed for any proposed enactment, system, software, project, program, or activity and is a legislative requirement under FOIPPA. Please see https://www2.unbc.ca/foippa/privacy-impact-asse... or contact privacy@unbc.ca if you have any questions.

Request new folder set up for collaboration, or add/remove access to an existing network folder.

New computer deployment request.

Audio visual equipment bookings for class presentations and teaching.

Troubleshooting UNBC mobile devices

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Request assistance with Banner.

Report desktop or laptop hardware issues.


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A/V, Microfiche, Book Scanner, etc

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