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Account & Access requests for systems not listed on this page.

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Use this to manage MFA devices on your account, such as using a new phone to register MFA.

Standard specs and pricing is in our Knowledge Base. Web requisitions can be created using the current models without getting a quote from ITS prior to ordering.

Privacy Impact Assessments must be completed for any proposed enactment, system, software, project, program, or activity and is a legislative requirement under FOIPPA. Please see https://www2.unbc.ca/foippa/privacy-impact-asse... or contact privacy@unbc.ca if you have any questions.

Moving, adding, or changing desk phones

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Request access to or help with Soft Phones.

Request access to or report problems with group or shared email. Request new shared email box.

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Request online phone directory change.

Requests for pricing, installation or support for software.

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Audio visual equipment bookings for class presentations and teaching.

Computer accounts are only available for UNBC Staff, Faculty and Students.

Quotes for software can be requested here but please note, the software may require a PIA and IT Security review before purchasing.

Request a re-image of your desktop or laptop.

Connecting to the wireless service

Creation or issues with Phone Trees

This ID is for visiting Post-Doc, Researchers, Contractors etc...

Report desktop or laptop software issues.