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Request Assistance with WinPRISM Point of Sale.

Use this to submit your request for a Multi Factor Authentication Hardware Token.

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Report access issues with personal H drive, request assistance with restoring files or request quota increase.

General Inquiry for GIS

Public/student stations on 1st/2nd/3rd floors

Request video conversion from one format to another.

Request service or support for UNBC Library related services.

Report SPAM, Phishing, or other unsolicited email (eg cold sales emails)

Requesting access to Fast Portal and WebReq.

Report a network outage, either wireless or wired

Any CPSC, MATH, or PHYSICS faculty or administrative assistant.

Reporting a problem related to the Self Service Banner upgrade.

Request access to or help with Soft Phones.

Report issues with Single Sign On (SSO)

Request an orientation to learn how to use the equipment available in the classrooms.

Request assistance with Data Capture Utility (DCU).

If you wish to become an early adopter of Intune.