Software Information

Please note while a Privacy Impact Assessment may have been completed for some approved software applications, this does not imply automatic approval for any new initiatives or methods of handling private information with the software. Proposals for new uses of existing software may have to undergo a separate review process to ensure continued compliance with privacy regulations and University standards. This step is essential for maintaining the integrity and security of personal information.

Articles (4)

Reviewed Software- Conditions Apply

Important Note: This article is a list of reviewed software that must meet conditions before being installed. Licenses that are under the ownership of specific departments must be approved for use outside of that specific area.

Reviewed Software List

This article is a list of requested software that has been reviewed by our software team and is approved for installation on UNBC machines.

Student VDI Software

Software available to students through the virtual desktop.
Please note: software is updated June through to Mid-August. The list will be completed by September.

Standard Software List

This article is a list of our standard software that all UNBC machines are imaged with.