Reviewed Software- Conditions Apply


Software that has been reviewed by our software team and may be approved for installation on UNBC computers pending the software use meets the conditions under IT Security, Privacy and Terms and Conditions. 

If you are inquiring about downloading software that is on this or the approved software list please follow the instructions below. If the condition is 'PIA Determination Required' please attach the completed form PIADsoft form to the service ticket. (see attachment)

For all software installation requests, please submit a ticket from our support portal. By using the support portal, the tickets will be allocated to the appropriate area.

  1.  Go to the Services tab.

Important Note: Any software that has a cost must be procured through the regular Contracts and Supply Chain Management purchasing process. Please read the Terms and Conditions of the software to ensure you are purchasing the correct license. For more information please see: Software Procurement and Use Standard

Adobe Air Use case verification required 
Adobe Creative Cloud PIA determination required- cost covered by the requesting dept
Affininty Software Designer, Publisher and Photo- 30 Licenses of each
Allway Sync PIA determination required


Use case verification required

Arduino Use case verification required
ChemDraw Managed by Chemistry Senior Lab Instructor
CSIBridge Engineering software- 10 licenses
DeepL Use case verification required
Dropbox PIA determination required
Foxit Editor Used for extensive work with PDF files. Foxit Reader is provided in the image
Genopro PIA determination required
Guardian Browser Use case verification required
IHA Software Regular updates are required
MathCAD Engineering software- 50 licenses
MobaXterm Use case verification required
OpenJDK Regular updates are required
Padlet Use case verification required
PWSafe Use case verification required
qBase As long as human data is not used it doesn't require a PIA
RClone Use case verification required
RFEM Engineering software- 20 licenses
RSECTION Engineering software- 20 licenses
RSTAB Engineering software- 20 licenses
SAGE Accounting CPSC software
SAP2000 Engineering software- 30 licenses
SketchUP Lab 8-365 for ENPL
SQL Server Management Used for connecting to UNBC SQL Server for database Teaching
Slack Used for external communication only 
SnagIt Use case verification required- department purchase
Stella Pro Engineering software- 30 licenses
Survey Monkey Research only. PIA determination form required
Sync Use case verification required
Whatsapp Use case verification required
Wireshark Use case verification required



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