Browsers and Browser Extensions

When working with UNBC systems the use of browser extensions should be avoided. The reason for this is due to the level of access the extensions have to private data, as well as the history of browser extension being bought out by unreputable parties for purposes outside what the extension was originally supposed to do. This means that even legitimate and trusted extensions can suddenly become dangerous to use without the user being aware of the change.

One way to allow personal browsing and using extension such as Zotero for research, while still using the FAST administrative system securely is by using browser profiles. Once a browser profile is created switch to the new profile and access the UNBC web application:


Then using a browser like Chrome a particular web application like chrome can be pinned to always use that profile when using that application:

If the application does not require the use of forward and back buttons or the address bar, then you can also check the "Open as window" option:

Finally you can verify that the new application shortcut it working, and pin it to your taskbar if you wish:

Note that the browser profiles in chrome show a small circle on the taskbar icon showing which profile is active, and this will now ensure that the correct profile is used for each web application.

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