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Account Access - CPSC

Account Access for CPSC

Account Access - GIS

Account Access for GIS

Accounts & Access - General

Account & Access requests for systems not listed on this page.

Admin Rights Request

Request administrative access to your computer.

Adobe Console Accounts

Requesting access to Adobe.

Affiliate ID

This ID is for visiting Post-Doc, Researchers, Contractors etc...

AFX Chubb Director

Requesting assistance with AFX System.

Appointment Booking

Please book an appointment to ensure someone is available to assist you.


Request assistance with Argos.



Request assistance with Banner.

Banner Access

Requesting access to Banner.

BIRG-related requests

Anything BIRG related

Bookstore WinPRISM POS

Request Assistance with WinPRISM Point of Sale.


Calendar Shared

Request access to or report problems with shared calendar.


Request assistance with Checkflow software or checkflow printer.


Request assistance with Clockworks software.

Collaborate Assistance

Collaborate Assistance.

Computer Accounts

Computer accounts are only available for UNBC Staff, Faculty and Students.

Conference Call

How to make a conference call.

CTLT Support - General


Data Analysis

Data Analysis

DCU (Infosilem Data Capture Utility)

Request assistance with Data Capture Utility (DCU).

Desk Phone

Report issues with your current desk phone or request a new desk phone.

Desktop & Laptop Support - General

Not sure what category to use, click here!

Desktop or Laptop Hardware Issues

Report desktop or laptop hardware issues.

Desktop or Laptop Re-image

Request a re-image of your desktop or laptop.

Desktop or Laptop Software Issues

Report desktop or laptop software issues.


Email & Calendar - General

Not sure what category to use, click here!

Email Group or Shared

Request access to or report problems with group or shared email. Request new shared email box.

Email Mailing List

Request access to or report problems with email mailing list.

Email Missing Messages

Report missing messages from Exchange accounts.

Email Request New

Request new email address.

Email Unsolicited

Report SPAM, Phishing, or other unsolicited email (eg cold sales emails)

Enterprise Systems - General

Not sure what category to use, put it here.

Equipment & Software Purchase - General

Have questions about Equipment and Software purchase? Ask here.

Equipment Bookings

Audio visual equipment bookings for class presentations and teaching.

Equipment Failure

Report the failure of classroom equipment.

Event Management System

Request assistance with Event Management System software.

EZ Proxy

Request service or support for UNBC Library related services.



Request assistance with FAST portal or WebReq.

FAST Login issues

Requesting access to Fast Portal and WebReq.

File Sharing and Collaboration - General

Not sure what category to use, pick this one.


G Drive

Request new folder set up for collaboration, or add/remove access to an existing network folder.

General Help - General

Not sure what category to use? Put in your request here.

GIS - General

General Inquiry for GIS

Guest WIFI Accounts

Requesting short term access to UNBC wifi for visitors.


H Drive

Report access issues with personal H drive, request assistance with restoring files or request quota increase.


Infosilem Scheduling

Request assistance with Infosilem Scheduling software.

Instructor Blackboard Learn Issue

Instructor course support

IT Computer Deployment

IT Security - General

Not sure what category to use, click here!


LEARN/Blackboard Access

Requesting access to LEARN/ Blackboard.

Library - General

General Inquiries

Library Catalogue

ILS/Wizard/Sierra Issues

Library Equipment

A/V, Microfiche, Book Scanner, etc

Library Lab Computer

Public/student stations on 1st/2nd/3rd floors

Library Phones

Library Phones

Library Software

Library Software

Library Staff Computer

Library Staff Computer

Library Website Request

Library Website Request


Map Design Services

Map Design Services

Microsoft Office 365

Request assistance with Microsoft Office 365 (, Office suite, Bookings, etc). Please use the other specific categories for Teams and SharePoint Online support.

Microsoft Teams

Request a new Team, report issues or submit service request for Microsoft Teams.

Mobile Phone


Network & Wireless Support - General

Problems that don't fit one of the other categories

Network Outage

Report a network outage, either wireless or wired

Network Wifi Connections

Connecting to the wireless service

Network Wired Connections

Report issues with UNBC wired internet connections.

New Computer Deployment

Request for new computer deployments.



Request assistance with OneDrive.

Online Phone Directory Change

Request online phone directory change.


Request an orientation to learn how to use the equipment available in the classrooms.



Request assistance with PaperCut.

PaperCut Charging

PaperCut charging for Faculty, Staff and Students.

Parking (T2 Flex)

Request assistance with Parking (T2 Flex Software)

Phone - General

Not sure what category to use, click here!

Physical Lab Issues

Physical Lab Issues

Physical Lab Software

Physical Lab Software

Printing Issues

Report printing issues.



Request assistance with RecTrac or book RecTrac Live to Demo.

Remote Access Technical Support - GIS

Report Theft or Loss of Device

Report the theft or loss of a UNBC owned device.

Request for Computational Resources

Request for Data

Request for required data including topic, resolution, and geographical boundaries.

Request long distance code

Request long distance code.

Request Pricing for Computers and Accessories

Request a quote for laptops, computers, and other IT equipment.

Research Server Creation

Research Server Creation


S Drive

Request new folder or report issues with S Drive.

Secret Server

Request access or report issues with Secret Server.


Request access or report issues with SharePoint (SharePoint Online,,,,

Single Sign On (SSO)

Report issues with Single Sign On (SSO)

Soft Phones

Request access to or help with Soft Phones.

Software Install / Uninstall

Request software install / uninstall.

Software Purchase or Inquiry

Software purchase or inquiry.

Software Support - GIS

Standard Specs and Pricing for Computing Equipment

See related KB articles

Student Blackboard Learn Issue

Student issues with Blackboard Learn. Courses will appear on the first day of the term.


Technical Support - CPSC

Any CPSC, MATH, or PHYSICS faculty or administrative assistant.

Technical Support - GIS - General

Don't know where you to put your ticket, click here!

Telus Mobility- Hardware Pricing and Billing

Please use this service for pricing or changes to the account.

U - Broken Link - Menu Request


Video Capture

Request assistance with video capture.

Video Conversion

Request video conversion from one format to another.

Virus or Malware Removal

Report suspected virus or malware on your device.

Voicemail Assistance

Request voicemail password reset or assistance with voicemail.


Request access or report issues with the VPN


Web Services - General


Zoom Webinar Booking

Book a Zoom Webinar.