Intake and Selection Process Flow

Discovery - by Department or Team

Ideas are generated, discussed and shared within departments and across potentially impacted areas to gain an understanding of the business need and value. 

Preliminary discussions regarding feasibility and direction may take place with ITS. 


Proposal - by Project Lead or Designate 

Project proposals are submitted for projects with an IT component (e.g software) with expected expenses of less than $50,000 and less than 40 hours of ITS effort required.

Project requests describe the issues needing to be solved, the goals, the strategic alignment, estimated costs, risks and impact.


Review - by Digital Transformation Unit 

  • Manages process coordinates with ITS on technical reviews
  • Reviews project details such as business case, with requester and completes score card assessment. 
  • Engages with ITS on resource planning and impact on current ITS work.
  • Reviews completed project requests elements with DCDI..


Decision - by DCDI Committee

Final review and decision on project status (e.g approved, not approved, etc) and prioritization with current/future schedules.

Makes recommendations to the DCDI action group if budget considerations and or/resources are required for a project to be completed, and/or if conflicting priorities need to be addressed. 


Escalation (if required) - by DCDI Action Group

Senior leadership approval on budget considerations and/or resource allocations, and re-prioritization of current project if required.


Project Work/Delivery - by Department or Team 

Projects move through the agile or hybrid project cycle, using the TDX platform. Work activities related to the planning, development, testing and management of the project are completed. 

Completion of a project is signed off on by the department or team and closed within the TDX PPM tool. 

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