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This article is applicable to all current Meeting Owl units (Original, Pro, and 3). Though UNBC does not manage or deploy Meeting Owl units, it is important that UNBC Faculty and Staff have the ability to integrate these units into their work flow if necessary.

Owl Labs Meeting Owl application does not support Enterprise Network connections such as the UNBC Networks available at this time. The Desktop Application mirrors the Mobile Application, meaning these instructions are identical regardless of the device you are updating the Meeting Owl from. The Desktop and Mobile Application(s) are required by Owl Labs in order to install updates.

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  1. Open the Meeting Owl application via your mobile device App. Store or download the Meeting Owl Desktop Application on your device. The Meeting Owl application is on the approved list of reviewed software (this may be installed on UNBC Assets without any concerns).

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  1. Once the Application has been downloaded and you are on the Home Screen, select your Owl from the list of devices.
  2. A prompt will appear at the top of the screen indicating “Device update available – Tap here to begin”

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  1. Click the banner with the notification which will then initiate the updating process requesting your confirmation to update the device.


  1. As Enterprise Networks are not supported by the Meeting Owl software, the options would be:
  • Perform the update from a non-UNBC Wi-Fi, such as your residence or other non-enterprise networks.
  • Setting up a “hot spot” on mobile devices using your device's data plan

Android Mobile Devices:

Navigate to Settings and then select Network & Internet followed by Hotspot & tethering.
Here you may toggle the Wi-Fi Hotspot on and connect using the credentials you have assigned.

Apple Mobile Devices:

Navigate to Settings and then select Personal Hotspot followed by toggling on “Allow Others to Join”

Here you may toggle the Wi-Fi Hotspot on and connect using the credentials you have assigned.


  1. Once you’ve connected to a Network the updates will begin to Download, please allow for up to 15 minutes while keeping the application open during the updating process as this may cause the Update to disconnect otherwise.


  1. Once the updates have been completed, the Owl will refresh to its original Home Screen where your Owl is listed and you may use the device as normal when connected to a meeting.


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If you wish to have the software installed on your personal computer, you may submit a ticket to support@unbc.ca or visit the UNBC IT Services Homepage

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