MFA - Registering an Authentication App on additional Mobile Device(s)

A single account can optionally register an Authentication App on multiple Mobile Devices (eg. an iPhone and an iPad, or an Android phone and tablet).

Reminder: Please notify ITS ASAP if any registered devices are lost or stolen, so that they can be disassociated from your account.

Once you have completed registration of an initial device (, you may register Authenticator Apps on additional device(s) by following these steps:

  1. Go to, or
    1. Go to
    2. Select the Update Info link in the Security info box
  2. Select the + Add sign-in method button
  3. In the Add a method popup, select Authenticator app in the drop-down and then click Add
  4. Follow the prompts/instructions to register additional Authenticator app(s). If necessary, refer to the initial device registration instructions (see link above)

Additional references/information about the MFA registration process:

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