MFA - Registering & Using a FIDO2 Security Key

A FIDO2 Security Key (eg. Yubikey) can be used to provide passwordless and multi-factor authentication to your UNBC Microsoft 365 account.

Register for MFA with a Mobile App

Before you can register a Security Key on your account, you must first register an alternate form of MFA. This can be an Authenticator app on a mobile device, or an OATH token.

Configure/prepare your Security Key

We cannot provide specific instructions for this stage, as it will depend on your specific make and model of Security Key. It may involve steps such as configuring a PIN on your account. Please follow the manufacturer's instructions for your Security Key.

Register the Security Key

  1. Sign in to
  2. Select the UPDATE INFO link in the Security info box on the main dashboard
  3. Select Add method on the Security info page
  4. In the Add a method popup, select Security key in the dropdown
  5. Select your Security key type: USB device or NFC device. These instructions will assume USB device, but it should be very similar for NFC device.
  6. You will be prompted to have your security key ready. Select Next
  7. There will be another popup, telling you that you will be redirected to a new window
  8. On the Security key setup popup, select OK
  9. On the Continue setup popup, select OK
  10. The Continue setup popup will not prompt you to insert your security key into the USB port. Do so.
  11. If your security key is recognized, you will likely be prompted to enter the PIN and/or touch the fingerprint reader (depending on the specific make/model of your device)
  12. Next you should be prompted to name your Security key. Enter your desired name, and then select Next

Your Security Key should now be successfully registered on your account.

Logging in with the Security Key

  1. On the M365 sign-in page, instead of entering your username select the Sign-in options button below
  2. On the Sign-in options popup, select Sign in with a security key
  3. Follow the prompts (to insert your security key, enter the PIN and/or touch the button/fingerprint reader)

You should now be signed in to your account.

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