WIFI Access

UNBC has several Wireless Networks, the following gives a brief description for each and describes its recommended use.

  • UNBC - This network is intended for all UNBC Students, Staff and Faculty. This WIFI network allows similar access to systems, the same as a computer plugged into a wall port in most offices does.
    • Requires a UNBC user name and password
  • EduRoam - This network can be used by people visiting UNBC or any member institution of EduRoam https://eduroam.org/ This WIFI network has access to the Internet
    • Requires a user name and password provided by one of the EduRoam institutions
  • UNBC-Guest Sign-up - This is an open self-service network. Connect to this network in order to sign up for a password to the UNBC-Guest network. There is no additional access on this network
    • This network does not require a password
  • UNBC-Guest - This network is for guests to UNBC and grants access to the Internet
    • This network only requires a password
  • UNBC-RESNET - Residential network permits multiple devices the ability to talk with each other as well as permitting them access to the Internet
    • This network only requires a password
    • Devices can only connect to other devices which are using the same password
  • UNBC-PCG - Special research network
    • Access to this network is restricted


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