Navigating SharePoint Online


What is SharePoint Online? 

SharePoint Online is a Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based service that helps users share and mange content, knowledge and applications, encourage teamwork and facilitate seamless collaboration across the organization. It provides a secure location to store, exchange and access data from virtually any device and all major online browsers. 


How to access SharePoint Online?


Training Resources for SharePoint Online

For SharePoint, there are numerous online training choices, including text-based and video courses.


For users at the beginning to intermediate levels, Microsoft offers the following training opportunities.

  • SharePoint Popular Topics - See all popular topics or view all by expanding each category.
  • SharePoint Videos - Watch tutorial videos and brief guides to assist you in completing common tasks on a SharePoint site. 

UNBC Knowledge Base 

Please see our available SharePoint Online training guides available here:

LinkedIn Learning 

UNBC employees and students now have access to LinkedIn Learning, an online professional development portal.

Participants can choose from more than 5,000 courses related to business, technology and creative endeavours or follow pre-defined learning paths. The work-at-your-own-pace design allows employees and students to select courses that interest them and build skills that fit with their career development and educational goals.

UNBC is using the Microsoft online system to log on to LinkedIn Learning. To start, click on the link below and use your UNBC username (in the format Please do not use firstname.lastname as promoted in the first log in screen. Your password is the same as your current UNBC password.

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