Lost or Stolen Mobile Device

If you had a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc) with UNBC information on it which was lost or stolen, here are the actions you should take:

Device had UNBC Email

Option 1 - Report the device to ITS

Use the Report Theft or Loss of Device form. ITS can trigger a remote wipe of your email account from the device.

Option 2 - Wipe the email from the device via OWA

You can use the Outlook on the Web interface to wipe your UNBC email account from the device.

  1. Log in to UNBC Outlook on the Web (https://outlook.office365.com)
  2. Select the Settings icon (gear icon in upper right)
  3. Select View All Outlook settings (link at the bottom of the flyout menu)
  4. Select General, then Mobile devices
  5. Hover your cursor over the desired mobile device in the list
  6. Select the Wipe all data icon that appears on the right (should be the right-most icon, looks like an eraser)

You'll know if it worked if the mobile device status changes from Wipe Pending to Wipe Successful.

Device had an Authentication app for MFA (Microsoft Authenticator, etc)

Option 1 - Report the Device to ITS

Report the device to ITS using the Report Theft or Loss of Device form.

ITS will un-register the device from your account, to prevent a malicious actor from being able to using your device to gain access to your UNBC account, and help you register a new device.

Option 2 - Remove the Registered Device from your account

If you have two or more devices registered on your account, you can use a device still in your possession to sign into your account and unregister the lost/stolen device.

  1. Sign in to https://myaccount.microsoft.com
  2. Select Security info on the left menu, or click Update Info in the Security info box in the main window
  3. Authenticate using the device still in your possession
  4. Select the Delete link next to the mobile device that was lost/stolen
  5. Select the Sign out everywhere link underneath the list of mobile devices, to force an account sign-out on all devices


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