Wireless Guidelines

The university requests cooperation from each and every member of the campus community in reducing the interference from certain devices in order to provide the highest level of service to the wireless network's users. IT Support Staff will engage with Staff & Faculty when a device is being utilized for a specific teaching or research use to evaluate whether there are any conditions that would allow for continued usage of the device without interfering with other wireless network users.


What Devices cause Wi-Fi interference?


Wireless Printers  

  • Please use the USB Printer Cable that came with your printer or use bluetooth to connect. 
  • Wireless printers interfere with the UNBC wireless network by broadcasting their own network over "WiFi-Direct".  Your neighbours above, below, and all around you will also suffer if you use a printer that is broadcasting WiFi because it will interfere with and block the legitimate UNBC Wi-Fi signal.
  • ITS will not support non-standard printers outside ones needed for critical business function (cheque printer, ID-card printers, Rx Printers)
  • ITS retains the right to prohibit or block non standard print drivers in the event of security or other problems with the device, its drivers, or associated software.
  • There are inherent security issues with wireless devices that could lead to the printer being compromised.
  • Please prevent this by disabling the Wi-Fi on your printer.
    • Some printer models will allow you to press & hold the wireless button on the front of the printer for 5 seconds to disable the wireless feature.
    • For most HP printers -> menu -> setup -> network -> wireless radio, turn the wireless radio off
    • For most Epson printers -> home button -> setup -> network settings -> Wi-Fi setup -> scroll down and select disable Wi-Fi, then select yes
    • You can go online and reference your printer's make & model number so you can obtain and download a manual that will provide more specific instructions.

Smart phones

  • Using your mobile device as a hot spot can disrupt the normal use of the university-provided wireless access. Wi-Fi is broadcasted over radio frequencies, so when someone uses a hot spot on campus, their signal competes with the UNBC wireless network already in place.
  • ITS encourages anyone using a hot spot to disconnect it in their device settings and to connect to one of the wireless networks provided by UNBC. ITS recommends only using a hot spot at home or while traveling.


  • Personal Wi-Fi routers can have a significant negative impact on a wireless environment's dependability. They can degrade the WiFi network, produce radio frequency (RF) noise, and in some situations, prevent other devices from using the network.
  • Residents are prohibited from installing their own wireless routers within Student Housing as it interferes with the Wi-FI in the building. 


If you have any questions please review UNBC’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), Breaches of UNBC’s AUP may result in disciplinary actions.


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