Encrypting a drive with FileVault

What is FileVault? 

FileVault is Apple's version of data encryption on macOS and Mac hardware. FileVault encodes the data stored on your Mac, so that it can’t be viewed without entering the login password.

Encrypting a drive with FileVault

1) Insert your portable storage device

2) Go to Finder --> Applications --> Disk Utility

Most portable storage devices are formatted to work with Microsoft Windows. To encrypt a storage device for an Apple device, you will have to erase it and format it as above.

3) Once the drive has been erased and formatted properly, right click on the drive.

4) Enter a password that you will use to decrypt the drive and a hint, then click Encrypt Disk.

Note: ITS recommends setting passwords that are a minimum of 12 characters, including at least one digit and at least one special characters. 

A password's likelihood of being "guessed" by an unauthorised user will decrease the longer and more complex it is.

5) Wait for your storage device to be encrypted. 

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