How to set your default Printer - Windows

How to set your default printer - Windows 

  1. Go to your PRINTER Employee virtual desktop search bar
  2. Type in "Printers & Scanners" 
  3. Under "Printers & Scanners" you will see two printer queues listed below
    • BWPrinting on
    • ColourPrinting on
  4. Left click the printer queue that you would like to make as your default printer
  5. Select "Manage" 
  6. Under "Manage your device" you will see the "Set as default" tab
  7. Select "Set as default" tab
  8. Select the left arrow key (<--) to return to the previous page
  9. The printer you have selected to be your default printer should reflect "Default" under the printer name

*Please note this default printer will only remain in place until log out. Default printer needs to be set each time you log in.*


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