Voice Mail Setup & Access

Voice Mailbox Info

All voice mailbox numbers are 5 digits in length:

  • PG: 2xxxx
  • Quesnel: 4xxxx
  • Terrace: 5xxxx

A voice mailbox number is the same number as the associated Desk Phone number.

Voice Mailbox Copy vs Forward


  • keeps a copy of the message in the voice mailbox.
  • must log into mailbox to delete the message.
  • red light illuminates on desk phone when a new message is left in the voice mailbox
  • can simultaneously send a message via voicemail-to-email
  • can delete, save or forward the email.

The benefit of Copy is when a desk phone/voice mailbox is shared by multiple users.


  • message is NOT saved in the mailbox
  • red light does NOT illuminate on the desk phone when a new message is left
  • the message (in the form of a .wav file) is emailed to a recipient (you)
  • can delete, save or forward the email.
  • when email is deleted, the message is deleted.

The benefit of Forward is that you don’t need to log into your voice mailbox to delete the messages.

Voice Mailbox Access

There are a number of different ways to access your voice mail:

  • From your Desk Phone
    • Dial *17, OR
    • Press the Message button (circular button with an envelope icon)
  • From your Soft Phone
    • Dial *17 (press handset icon after entering number), OR
    • Press the Tape icon button (right hand upper area)
    • Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  • From an external phone line (off-campus or mobile/cell phone)
    • Dial 250-960-6669 and follow the prompts.

Voice Mailbox Initialization

To initialize your new voice mailbox number, please follow these steps:

  • Log into your new voice mailbox by picking up hand unit of your Avaya Desk phone and pressing *17
  • You will be prompted to enter your extension. Press #
  • You will be prompted to enter your password. Since a password has not yet been set, just press #
  • Follow the prompts and/or attached instructions for making changes to your voice mailbox.

Please refer to the attached PDF instructions (see Attachments, on the right) for more detailed info for setting up your voice mailbox.


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