Submitting a ticket in the Client Portal


There are a number of ways to submit a ticket in the Client Portal. When you request services through our Service Catalog, your request is automatically routed to the relevant team so we can get right to work.


Note that it is highly suggested you use a specific service page to request assistance, as using the generic Report an Incident service page may result in longer delays. For instructions on finding a specific service page, see below.

From a Service Page

  1. Navigate to the Client Portal at
  2. In the top right corner, click Sign In
  3. Click Services from the menu
  4. Navigate to a service you are interested in requesting, and click on the service name to open its service page
  5. Click the button to the right of the page labelled Request Service or similar
    • If the service is not requestable, there will not be a button listed
  6. If prompted, sign in using your account credentials.
  7. Fill out the form, providing as much detail as possible
    • Note that required fields have an asterisk (*) next to them
  8. At the bottom of the form, click Request

Upon submitting your request, you will have the option to view your existing request or submit another one. See the Related Article to the right for instructions viewing your existing tickets.


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Thu 4/1/21 4:58 PM