Joining a Microsoft Team

There are a number of different ways to join a Microsoft Team:

  • A Team Owner can add you directly. The Team will automatically appear in your list of Teams.
  • A Team Owner can provide you with a Team Code. You can use this code by going to "Join or create a team" > "Join a team with a code"
  • Any Team Member can provide you with a hyperlink to the Team.
  • You can browse non-hidden Groups in desktop Outlook or Outlook on the Web (see instructions below)
    • Please note that a Microsoft Team is underpinned by a Microsoft 365 Group, hence the "Group" term in Outlook.

Desktop Outlook

  1. Select Browse Groups in the main ribbon
  2. Use the Search box (if you know the Group/Team name) or select All to view all non-hidden Groups
  3. Use the Join button to join/request to join the Group

Note: The Browse Groups button in the main ribbon might not appear if Outlook is not in cached mode.

Outlook on the Web

  1. Select the People icon
  2. Select the All Groups folder under Directory
  3. Select your desired Group, and click the Request to join option
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